SMG Dividend Dates 2023

Company Description

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company engages in the manufacture, marketing, and sale of products for lawn, garden care, and indoor and hydroponic gardening in the United States and internationally.

The company operates through three segments: U.S. Consumer, Hawthorne, and Other. It provides lawn care products comprising lawn fertilizers, grass seed products, spreaders, other durable products, and outdoor cleaners, as well as lawn-related weed, pest, and disease control products; gardening and landscape products include water-soluble and continuous-release plant foods, potting mixes and garden soils, mulch and decorative groundcover products, plant-related pest and disease control products, organic garden products, and lives goods and seeding solutions.

The company also offers hydroponic products that help users to grow plants, flowers, and vegetables using little or no soil; lighting systems and components for use in hydroponic and indoor gardening applications; insect, rodent, and weed control products for home areas; and non-selective weed killer products.

It sells its products under the Scotts, Turf Builder, EZ Seed, PatchMaster, Thick’R Lawn, GrubEx, EdgeGuard, Handy Green II, Miracle-Gro, LiquaFeed, Osmocote, Shake “N Feed, Hyponex, Earthgro, SuperSoil, Fafard, Nature Scapes, Ortho, Miracle-Gro Performance Organics, Miracle-Gro Organic Choice, Whitney Farms, EcoScraps, Mother Earth, Botanicare, Hydroponics, Vermicrop, Gavita, Agrolux, Can-Filters, Sun System, Gro Pro, Hurricane, AeroGarden, Titan, Tomcat, Ortho Weed B Gon, Roundup, Groundclear, and Alchemist brands.

The company serves home centers, mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs, large hardware chains, independent hardware stores, nurseries, garden centers, e-commerce platforms, and food and drug stores, as well as indoor gardening and hydroponic distributors, retailers, and growers.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company was founded in 1868 and is headquartered in Marysville, Ohio.

For a company founded more than 100 years ago is considered to be quite old in the stock market. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company has 5,932 employees. For more information about this company, please visit their website.


We believe using more recent dividend history can provide better dividend analysis for a company.

The most recent SMG dividend details are as follows:
The dividend will be payable on MAR 10, 2023, to stockholders of record on FEB 24, 2023, with an ex-dividend date of FEB 23, 2023. This dividend is $0.660.
There is no change from the prior dividend.

Based on our analysis, from NOV 21, 2012, SMG pays dividend 43 times.
Total dividend paid so far is $22.60. Average dividend is $0.53.
Maximum dividend is $0.66 while minimum dividend is $0.33.

Dividend Forecast

According to recent data, over last 11 years, SMG pays dividend consistently 42 times. In terms of dividend payment consistency, we rate it ten out of ten, which means the future dividend payment is fairly predictable and reliable. If investors are looking for dividend stocks, this could be one of the good indicators. On the other hand, frequent dividend payment during the year means investors don’t need to wait for too long to get dividend payment. It is good for someone lives on stock dividends as a source of income.

Compared with other stocks

Another way to look at a stock’s dividend is to compare it to a peer company’s dividend. If two stocks are in the same industry and have a similar market capitalisation, then they are considered similar.

Code MarketCap(M) Last Dividend
SEB 4,500 $2.250
SMG 4,500 $0.660
VSEC 453 $0.100
TGNA 4,510 $0.095
DOCN 4,500 $0.000
SENEA 450 $0.000
WKHS 451 $0.000
HIGA 451 $0.000
EVO 4,500 $0.000
SPI 46 $0.000

As can be seen from the comparison table above, SMG ranks number two in this group of ten stocks with the latest dividend of $0.660.

Dividend History

Ex-Dividend Date Dividend Payment Date Record Date
23/02/2023 $0.66 10/03/2023 24/02/2023
25/11/2022 $0.66 09/12/2022 28/11/2022
25/08/2022 $0.66 09/09/2022 26/08/2022
26/05/2022 $0.66 10/06/2022 27/05/2022
23/02/2022 $0.66 10/03/2022 24/02/2022
26/11/2021 $0.66 10/12/2021 29/11/2021
26/08/2021 $0.66 10/09/2021 27/08/2021
26/05/2021 $0.62 10/06/2021 27/05/2021
23/02/2021 $0.62 10/03/2021 24/02/2021
27/11/2020 $0.62 10/12/2020 30/11/2020
26/08/2020 $5 10/09/2020 27/08/2020
26/05/2020 $0.58 10/06/2020 27/05/2020
24/02/2020 $0.58 10/03/2020 25/02/2020
25/11/2019 $0.58 10/12/2019 26/11/2019
26/08/2019 $0.58 10/09/2019 27/08/2019
24/05/2019 $0.55 10/06/2019 28/05/2019
21/02/2019 $0.55 08/03/2019 22/02/2019
23/11/2018 $0.55 10/12/2018 26/11/2018
24/08/2018 $0.55 10/09/2018 27/08/2018
24/05/2018 $0.53 08/06/2018 25/05/2018
22/02/2018 $0.53 09/03/2018 23/02/2018
22/11/2017 $0.53 08/12/2017 24/11/2017
23/08/2017 $0.53 08/09/2017 25/08/2017
24/05/2017 $0.5 09/06/2017 26/05/2017
22/02/2017 $0.5 10/03/2017 24/02/2017

SMG Dividend Growth Chart

A picture is better than thousands of words. The following chart shows you SMG dividend growth over the years.