High Dividend Growth Stocks

The definition of “dividend growth” is “the percentage change in dividends paid per share compared to one year ago.”

The formula to calculate the dividend yield is as follows:
Dividend Growth = ((Current Dividend / Previous Dividend)-1)*100%

Dividend growth rate is another way to assess a stock’s dividend performance. Generally speaking, consistent dividend growth means a company makes more profit each year, and as a result, shareholders get more dividend payments. However, the growth is a result of the dividend payout ratio increasing.

In terms of what is considered high dividend growth, it is quite subjective. Here is a list of stocks with a dividend growth rate of at least 3%. You can filter them based on your own definition of high dividend growth. 

Code Company Name Dividend Ex-Dividend Date Market Cap Dividend Yield
SIRE Sisecam Resources LP $2.15 07/11/2022 468.07M 532.35%
BSMX Banco Santander México, S.A., Institución de Banca Múltiple, Grupo Financiero Santander México $0.15 26/07/2022 8.59B 546.76%
GFF Griffon $2.37 28/11/2022 2.21B 618.18%
FANG Diamondback Energy $12.81 16/11/2022 27.17B 632.00%
WING Wingstop $4.72 09/11/2022 4.48B 661.29%
HCC Warrior Met Coal $1.54 03/11/2022 1.95B 670.00%
SM SM Energy Company $0.16 24/10/2022 4.18B 700.00%
CPG Crescent Point Energy $0.22 14/12/2022 4.14B 713.33%
GNK Genco Shipping & Trading $2.74 18/11/2022 728.03M 756.25%